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Livermore Retaining Walls

masonry and concrete worker working on retaining walls

Sometimes, the layout of your outside space dictates that a retaining wall is needed. Retaining walls can vary from small ones separating different levels of your garden through to larger walls which can have a major slope behind it. Its major function is to support the soil on one side of it. While this sounds simple enough, employing a competent Livermore retaining wall contractor is essential to avoid issues later as there are various aspects that can cause problems. Livermore Concrete and Masonry Company are the leading retaining wall contractors and have installed hundreds of top quality retaining walls so why go elsewhere when you can go to the best?

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Small Retaining Walls

Smaller retaining walls can serve a number of purposes. They can be partly decorative in cases where you want to create a more interesting space rather than a completely flat area. By creating different levels of lawn or flower beds or even vegetable patches, you make your outside space more aesthetically pleasing. But by creating these different levels, you create the need for retaining walls to keep each section contained. There may also be a need for retaining walls to border step areas, either connecting to your house or connecting the different levels you have created.

Large Walls

If your outside space features slopes and inclines, or if you decide to create any as part of any landscaping project, then a larger retaining wall is essential. The retaining wall will keep any spoil contained and will protect both the retained area and other parts of your garden. As with any form of retaining wall, one of the most crucial aspects is ensuring there is adequate drainage. Without good drainage, water and moisture can build up behind the wall leading to damage or even collapse. When our experts build any type of retaining wall, a good drainage system is always part of any work.


As with all our concrete and stonework services, we offer a wide range of materials to build your retaining wall with. As our team has lots of experience in this area, we will visit the site first to assess needs then suggest which materials would be most suitable. We will also advise on the pros and cons of each material so as to help with your decision. Some of the common materials for retaining walls include:

  • Concrete blocks
  • Bricks
  • Poured concrete
  • Boulders
  • Gabion
  • Limestone
  • Natural Stone

Once you have chosen the material, we can design the wall for your approval before beginning construction.


Generally speaking, a well-built retaining wall should last in excess of 50 years depending on materials used. As with many features of your garden, regular care and maintenance can prevent problems or spot them when still easy to fix. Keep your wall free of weeds and avoid planting anything in their vicinity that has aggressive roots. If you notice any major issues such as bulging or sagging, then call a professional concrete company like Livermore Concrete and Masonry Company.

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