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Livermore Pool Decks

pool deck after completed

There’s nothing better than relaxing in and by your pool on hot California days. But what makes that experience even better is when you have an attractive pool deck surrounding your pool. Decks are a better alternative to grass as constant traffic would damage any grass areas. Like patios, decks come in a wide range of materials, colors, etc., and you can liaise with our designers to create a truly unique outdoor entertainment area that will delight your family and friends. If you already have a pool, why not contact us to discuss the different pool deck options we can provide.

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More Than a Deck

A great pool deck is more than just an area around your pool. It can become the focus for all your outdoor living needs. Why not add a barbecue area or even an outdoor pizza oven? Being able to cook in the same area means that pool parties become a highlight of your summers. Or just for relaxing around, why not consider an attractive firepit to chase off any late evening chills? And with the clever addition of features such as covers or cabanas, you can enjoy your outside area even if the weather is a little unpleasant.

Quality and Safety

There are two factors we believe are crucial for creating a great pool deck area. Using quality materials at every stage of construction gives you an area that will last for years and will be easy to maintain and clean. We only use the best quality materials available so that your pool deck is always of the same great quality. The other factor is safety. Water makes most surfaces slippery, so our team will advise you on options, such as stamped concrete, which not only look great but also have slip-resistant qualities to protect you and your family.


It doesn’t matter the quality of your initial pool deck installation, over time it will suffer damage and wear & tear. After all, not only is it seeing a lot of use but it is next to the water and subject to the elements. Choosing to resurface can save you lots of money over replacing the area. A resurfacing project can also increase the deck’s safety levels by filling in any crack, increasing slip resistance, and removing any potential hazards. And as with the installation of a new deck, refurbishing an existing area can even add value to your home. Resurfacing your deck area can also extend the area’s life as much as threefold comparing to allowing the area to deteriorate further.

Choose the Professionals

We have many years of experience installing and resurfacing pool decks in Livermore, California. We offer a fully professional service that can cover installation, refurbishment, or ongoing maintenance packages. With a dedicated team of skilled technicians and the best materials on the market, our pool decks are second to none. If you are considering getting a pool deck installed – or even thinking about a pool – then we are the company that will provide the best service.

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