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Livermore Driveways

masonry and concrete worker working on drivway

Your driveway is an important component of your house as a whole. While its primary purpose may be a practical one, you also want something that looks good and which complements your home and the area surrounding it. Livermore Concrete and Masonry Company have years of experience in installing, maintaining, and repairing all types of driveways and is the premier choice of homeowners in Livermore and surrounding communities. Whether you are looking for a brand new driveway or repairs to an existing driveway, then we can carry out all work to the highest of standards.

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Concrete Driveways

Concrete is the ideal material for your driveway. As the leading driveway contractors in Livermore, California, we can offer a range of options as far as style, finish, and color are concerned. There are many different ways of finishing a fresh concrete pouring, including staining and stamping. These finishes can leave a durable and easy to maintain surface which also looks great. Our staff can guide you through the various options available and show you some examples of previous work before you make a decision on how you want your driveway to look. The other thing to consider is that concrete driveway costs are less than choosing other materials.

Stone Driveways

Despite the attractive look of concrete driveways, many people prefer to opt for stone driveways. There are different types of stone available for your driveway, from attractive stone pavers through to gravel driveways. And if you want to go luxurious, there are fantastic high-end options such as marble chips. These driveways usually need careful preparation of the subsurface prior to installation but they offer an attractive look that many homeowners love. If you choose a driveway of loose stones or gravel, we often recommend also installing a border of bricks or stones to save loose stones from ending up in other areas. These driveways will also need regular raking to keep the surface even and level.


Depending on the materials/stone type you finally choose, caring for your driveway ensure longevity and keeps it looking good. With concrete driveways, our experts can advise on the different sealants and solutions available to help extend their lives and also to reduce maintenance needs. You can also ask us about our maintenance packages where we will regularly inspect all surfaces and identify small problems before they become bigger ones.

Driveway Repair

Inevitably, your driveway will suffer damage or wear and tear over time. When this happens, you want a proficient repair service that will fix problems quickly. Stone driveways are usually easy to repair with some replacement stone pavers or gravel. For concrete driveways in Livermore, California there are several options, including resurfacing with a new concrete overlay, filling in of any cracks, recoloring or staining if the original color has faded, and slab jacking in cases where areas of your driveway have begun to ‘sink’ leaving the surface unleveled. For any repair and maintenance needs, why not give us a call today?

Contact us at (925) 290-6749 to get the best deal and free estimates.