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Livermore Concrete Contractor

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People often think of concrete as being grey, bland, and lifeless. But the truth couldn’t be further from that view. Concrete is reliable, we know that as it has been about for over 2,000 years. But in more recent years, new processes have been developed which have truly brought concrete to life. A range of colors, stains, finishes, and stamps allows our skilled craftsmen to create stunning looks for anywhere you want a concrete surface. With durability and low-maintenance already established, our concrete work can offer you so many options.

Stairs and Pathways

While concrete is usually the traditional material used in a stair, many people opt for stone or brickwork when it comes to pathways. But with options such as stamped concrete patterns and colored concrete available, we are able to create wonderful pathways that are less expensive than their stone or brick counterparts. For stairs, we can create wonderful stairways for your internal or external spaces, and concrete stairs are the ideal solution for commercial and business premises.


Decking is definitely not the first thing you think of when it comes to concrete. But recent developments and the wide range of finishes available means that it is becoming an increasingly popular choice. With so many concrete finishing available, including broom finish concrete, you will be amazed at the looks we can create for your decking area. And another great thing about concrete decking is that it is far easier to maintain and to clean than traditional wooden decking. It also offers more flexibility than wooden decking as concrete can be poured into any shape so you can add features such as stairs with little difficulty. And unlike wood, it won’t warp around water areas so is an ideal solution for beside pools and ponds


Whether for residential or commercial premises, concrete is the perfect flooring solution. Concrete flooring is a practical solution as it can cope with high numbers of traffic and is easy to maintain while offering a range of decorative looks. Polished concrete floors can look amazing once completed and with the finishes available once concrete pouring is complete, the choices for the final look are almost endless. If your flooring is for a business location, then the addition of aggregates to the concrete mix can help to prevent cracking and can also extend the life of your floor.

Maintenance, Restoration, and Repair

Here at Livermore Concrete and Masonry Company, we know it’s not always about new concrete surfaces and features. We also offer full maintenance packages to keep your existing concrete surfaces looking good and helping to make them last longer. And if your concreted areas have suffered any damage, we can carry out a full assessment and advise whether repairs are possible or whether a replacement would be cheaper. Our concrete repair service is efficient and affordable and can save you money on a new concrete surface. If you have any sort of Livermore concrete contractor needs, then get in touch today.

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