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Livermore Colored Concrete

this picture shows livermore concrete masonry colored concrete

Colored Concrete in Livermore, CA

Decorative concrete offers unique structures wherever it is applied. Additionally, if you get an experienced concrete contractor who can handle such a project with Livermore colored concrete, they can give you exceptionally beautiful results. The best thing about this whole decoration is that whether you use concrete color subtly or for making a dramatic statement, it helps in distinguishing concrete finishing from others.

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Why Colored Concrete?

Unless you are an exceptional purist and want to maintain the plain gray state of concrete, there is no reason why you should not try colored one. Enhancing it with color not only improves its appearance but also gives it a higher value, just in case you will need to sell your property. Even though you may end up paying more for concrete coloration, the transformation will be worth every dollar.

In the hands of the right Livermore concrete contractor, your concrete project can get an endless array of decorative effects. The contractor can get you different options, including patios that are harmonized with the landscape surrounding them, vibrant multicolored floors for indoor and outdoor settings, and rustic earth-toned sidewalks.

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Colored concrete can be achieved through different processes. The different methods can be used on either new or existing concrete projects even though not all colors will fit exposure conditions. With the right people working on it, though, you will get the right advice on which options will fit your indoor floor or outdoor recreation area.

Finishing and Texturing Techniques for Colored Concrete

For optimum results and more striking effects, concrete coloring may be paired with other finishing techniques. Such options include exposure of aggregate, broom finishing, and sandblasting.

  • Broom finishing -  It helps in creating shadowy effects and swirl and fan patterns.
  • Sandblasting - It helps to create designs or giving the concrete a two-tone appearance.
  • Exposure of aggregates: - It gives a natural texture appearance to the concrete by allowing the gravel or stone to show through.
Colored Concrete for Dividing Large Areas

You may choose multiple colors to be used side by side for breaking up large areas. Coloring may also be used alongside other options such as brooming, concrete stamping, sandblasting, and saw cutting for a more personalized look.

Why Hire Livermore Concrete and Masonry Pros

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