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Livermore Brick Pavers

A picture of brock pavers in Livermore, CA

Concrete, stone, and brick are the most common pavers used in Livermore. Brick pavers are now more popular than stone and concrete. More property and homeowners are starting to appreciate what brick pavers have to offer. As a home or property owner, you should always go for a paving option that can totally transform your home. A brick pavement will give your home a whole new look.

If you want Livermore brick pavers installed in your home, just give us a call at (925) 290-6749. Dial now to get free quotes.

Brick pavers need experience and expertise to install. That is exactly what we have at Livermore Concrete and Masonry Company. We have years of experience in handling brick projects, and we can professionally install your pavers. Our bricklayers will give your outdoors an appealing look by flawlessly installing these pavers. Reach out to us today by giving us a call at (925) 290-6749.

Professional help is now affordable in Livermore, California. We understand how upgrading a home can be costly; that is why we have made our prices pocket-friendly. Call our bricklayers today at (925) 290-6749 and get a strong and appealing pavement.

An Aesthetically Appealing Option

These pavers are popular for their unique and appealing red color. A few options, if none, can match brick’s beauty. Your property stands to gain a lot from an aesthetically appealing option like this one. When talking about property value, there is a no better option to raise the value than this one. All you have to do is give us a call at Livermore Concrete and Masonry Company at(925) 290-6749. We are brick masonry experts, and we will ensure your property has a high market value.

If you want to give your home an upgrade, then consider talking to us about these pavers. Our professionals will help you give your home an upgrade by adding a touch of beautiful red color to your outdoors. Your home won’t be dull again after we are done with it. Getting in touch with us is the first step in giving your home an elegant look. With our unmatched experience in brick masonry, you shouldn’t worry about anything.

A Fade Resistant Option

The beautiful red color won’t be fading any soon. Brick pavers will still look colorful and vibrant after exposure to sunlight for years. The color has the ability to resist the fading effect caused by UV rays from the sun. These pavers will keep your home looking vibrant and appealing for a long. Give us a call at (925) 290-6749 for expert help if you want these pavers installed on your property.

At Livermore Concrete and Masonry Company, we are the masonry and concrete contractor to handle your Livermore, California projects. This is because we are a reputable and trustworthy contractor. Most property and homeowners we have worked with in Livermore will recommend us when you ask around. Don’t hesitate to give us that call, and we will help you give your home an upgrade.

How Strong and Durable are Brick Pavers

Although brick pavers are less strong and durable than concrete ones, they will last long under proper care. Unlike concrete, brick is susceptible to breakages when under pressure. This means brick has a low load-bearing capacity. You should put this into consideration before deciding to pick these pavers for your outdoors.

Brick pavers should be used in places with light traffic so that they don’t break. To ensure your pavers last long, take good care of them. Having a professional install them also makes them strong and resistant to pressure and load damage.

Brick Pavers Maintenance

It is important to note that proper care and maintenance will extend your paver’s lifespan for up to two decades. Regularly wash your pavers, remove weeds, and any dirt between the joints. Seal your brick pavers after pressure washing, which should be done at least once a year. Give us a call at (925) 290-6749 at Livermore Concrete and Masonry Company if you need help with keeping your pavers in good condition. We will be there to ensure your pavers last long.

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