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Brentwood Concrete Contractor

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Getting the right Brentwood concrete contractor is essential and important for someone looking for a product worth their investment. Be it a small residential property or a large commercial project, the best concrete contractor can get you the exact specifications that you need for your project. Across Brentwood, we are known as the leading and professional Brentwood concrete contractor and are always on the ready to help you to meet all your concrete needs.

Talk to us at Livermore Concrete and Masonry Pros through our main phone line (925) 290-6749 for inquiries. Feel free to fill up the contact for more inquiries and get free estimates.

Concrete works are varied and depend on the needs of a client. Ideally, we at Livermore Concrete and Masonry Pros offer a myriad of them including:


Dedicated Brentwood Concrete Contractor Experts

Our team offers the finishing touches needed to transform any structure into the desired pattern. Whether it is for a walkway, driveway, porches, outdoor, or indoor spaces, we can help you to recreate the likeness of nature using concrete or create any design that you so desire. With our concrete pouring, staining, restoration, and stamping prowess, we do not doubt that you will find a great team in us.

We also work on resurfacing existing structures and for decorative applications including:

  • Resurfacing existing concrete.
  • Epoxy floors
  • Finished basements
  • Garage floor coatings
  • Interior floor concrete
  • Cleaning concrete
  • Stained and stamped concrete.

How We Can Help

At Livermore Concrete And Masonry Pros, our attention to detail is unparalleled. We have assembled the best talent across the construction industry to ensure that you get the right value for the time and money that you invest in a project. With a team of the industry’s top talents bringing together decades of combined experience, we can assure you that you will be working with the best.

We can make among them:


  • Concrete Patios


A concrete patio can give your property distinctive and beautiful features, be it for a modern or traditional look. When done correctly, it can promise more than durability, including low maintenance demands, more decorative options, as well as versatility.


  • Concrete Walls


A concrete wall is a preserve for many as it offers a range of options from the design to installation. It also comes with a variety of features such as seat walls that add further functionalities and beauty to the wall.


  • Concrete Pool Decks


Concrete pool decks have risen in popularity in recent years. They offer strong and better style trends as compared to other options such as slate, stone, and wood. For a broader selection of colors, patterns, and textures, concrete pool decks would be a better option for your swimming pool area.


  • Concrete Driveways


Concrete driveways are now a common thing in most properties. This is because they offer different services and have more features compared to traditional options. With a concrete driveway, you can also get more decorative options and would work best even for someone who wants to improve the curb appeal of their yard or to increase its resale value.


  • Concrete Floor


A concrete floor also makes a good choice for both commercial and residential properties. A concrete floor is highly preferable due to its ease of taking staining, stamping, and coloring options easily and deeply. With the ease of customization and personalization, a concrete wall gets a higher nod over other material types.


Talk to us today and schedule an appointment with one of our concrete experts. Dial our main phone line (925) 290-6749  or use the form on this page to make your inquiries.